International students in the engineering department at the University of Leicester

Discover your University degree options

We want you to be able to study for a degree that is flexible and tailored to your individual interests, academic strengths and career aspirations. This means that when you progress to the University of Leicester, you are able to choose to study one or two subjects from a wide selection of academic disciplines.

Whether studying one or two subjects in combination, you will be able choose a degree pathway that is perfect for you.

Single Honours Degree 100%

Become a specialist
This option allows you to specialise in one subject and immerse yourself in something you’re passionate about.

Study structure
You’ll study one subject in depth for the duration of your degree.

The benefits

  • You have the opportunity to gain depth of understanding and mastery of a particular area.
  • You may be able to gain professional accreditation and recognition through certain courses that can be vital to your long-term career path.
  • You will be fully prepared for many positions because of the focus and specialisation a single honours degree can give you.

Joint Honours Degrees 50% + 50%

Blend two areas of strength and interest
This option allows you to study two complementary subjects, e.g. English and History to a high level.

Study structure
You will split your time equally between two subjects.

The benefits

  • You have the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and understanding because what you learn in one subject can complement and enhance what you learn in the other.
  • You are able to expand your career opportunities by developing your ability to think differently, and across different disciplines.
  • You will stand out from the competition by possessing multi-disciplinary skills and demonstrating flexibility and versatility.

Major Minor Honours Degree 75% + 25%

A degree built around you
This option enables you to create your own degree that will satisfy your interests and ambitions.

Study structure
You will study a core area in depth (major subject), while exploring an additional area (minor subject).

The benefits

  • You can boost your career options by studying one subject with professional applications, or try something completely new that you’ve always been interested in.
  • You will have the opportunity to diversify and widen your skills, helping you to enhance your career and further education prospects.
  • You can gain a competitive edge in the global career market by possessing multi-disciplinary skills and demonstrating flexibility and versatility.

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Our students

Student Haroun
The tutors are always there when you need help. They encourage students to focus on their studies and prepare them to face the exams.

Haroun from Tanzania

International Foundation Year - Engineering and Technology, progressed to BEng Aerospace Engineering