Student Story – Alexandra from Hong Kong

Student Alexandra in communal area

Back in Hong Kong studying is really hectic and busy. The teaching method is so different. In Hong Kong they just give you all the information. Here, there are more interactions. You learn it. So you can actually use what you learn here in real life.

The teachers [at the ISC] were really supportive, like a family. You feel at home and they give you their full support. You actually feel like someone is backing you up no matter what happens.

I met people from around the world. We became really good friends. I learned a lot of different cultures from different people.

What I love about Leicester is the market. This town is not as hectic as London. It’s not as busy, but still you get all the things you want. You feel relaxed going to uni here. You’ve got everything you need, and at the same time you can enjoy the slow pace.

I want to do a Master’s course. I think I will stay here because I quite like Leicester. I feel like this is my second home now.

Alexandra from Hong Kong
International Foundation Year – Science
Now studying BSc Psychology with Neuroscience