Student Story – Justine

Student Justine
"I thought the foundation year was really good because you learn all the skills that will help you in university. I was a bit skeptical because some of the stuff seemed pretty simple, but then when I moved on to first year I realised a lot I learnt during my foundation course applied. The course is a stepping-stone towards your degree, so I found the course really, really good.

The teachers were great. They are really friendly and approachable. They were willing to go that extra mile to make sure that you understood everything. They offer one-to-one help if you need that extra push. They really helped me to strive for the best. Without them, I don’t think I would have pushed myself to do really well.

The campus is really great and I love it. It’s really compact. It’s nice that all the departments are really close to each other. It’s great that the university has so many clubs. I’m in the biological science society and also the vice president of the Singapore society.

I do medical biochemistry so research is a very key part of our department. Most of our professors are doing current research when they’re not conducting lectures. When it comes to third year, we get our own final year project. We get a supervisor who gets us involved in their current research. You get exposure to the current research field. I’ve heard that some people in the third year happened to find something. They got to be part of a legit science published journal. You’re really lucky if that happens, but you get the feel that what I’m currently learning is very relevant.

"I’m hoping to apply for post-grad medicine. I really want to become a paediatrician. Hopefully my degree will lead me to that route. I definitely would love to stay here longer. It’s going by too quick.

Make full use of all the opportunities that the university has, because there’s so much that they do for us. They have so much career, personal help, and academic help. They’re all top quality. It’s really great that our university has all these lined up for us."

Justine from the Philippines
International Foundation Year – Science
Progressed to BSc Medical Biochemistry