Student Story Manal from India

Students talking in common area

"I chose the University of Leicester because it has a really good ranking. The more I researched the university, the more I liked it. I had an agent who helped me with my applications, so I got to know more about the ISC and it looked really nice.

My time at the ISC was absolutely amazing. It was very memorable. The course was really good. The best thing about my experience were the tutors, they were very motivating. I could go to them for anything, and they pushed me to expand my horizons. They definitely helped me a lot through my transition.

I joined the student council. I would have never been confident enough to join the student council but my personal tutor was very motivating. I joined as class rep for two semesters. Then for my final semester, I got a position as vice chair. These things really prepare you for university. They shape your personality. You get to talk to other people from other courses and you become more confident. It polishes your communication and leadership skills.

The university campus is amazing. I love it, it’s really nice. It’s quite big and there are a lot of buildings. My favourite place is the library. It has a lot of facilities - a café, computer rooms, reading rooms and study rooms. The student union building is amazing. It’s really nice when you want to relax, you can just go and sit with your friends and have a chat over a cup of coffee. I have joined the Islamic Society. They have things during Ramadan. They have Eid celebrations, feasts, dinners, lunch, a lot of sports as well. I’ve also joined the Management Society.

I like Leicester because it’s very small and it’s a student-oriented city. I find students in every nook and cranny of Leicester. It’s very easy to talk to people and make friends. Leicester is very culturally diverse. You can find people from many backgrounds.

In spare time I like talking to my friends, going to a movie, sitting in the library or the student union building. There's a really huge park here, the Victoria Park. We go and sit there and talk, and we usually spend a lot of time on campus.

If you're thinking about coming to the ISC, I say go for it. Coming to the ISC was one of the best decisions that I ever made because it really helps shape you and get you ready for life at university. It gives you a lot of confidence. It’s a very smooth transition from the ISC to the university."

Manal from India
International Foundation Year – Economics and Management
Progressed to BA Management Studies