International Study Centre boasts 87% progression rate

Progressed Leicester ISC student

Continuously high progression results show that students at the University of Leicester International Study Centre achieve academic success.

87% of International Study Centre students who completed their course were offered a place to study at University of Leicester in 2017.

After an initial rejection from the University of Leicester, Manal from India applied to the International Study Centre before progressing on to the University.

She says: “I absolutely do not regret my decision. I really needed the experience. It has prepared me well, not just for university but employment as well. I am a more confident person. I accept challenges better than I did before.”

Manal has successfully progressed to study BA (Hons) Management Studies, before graduating from the University in 2017.


The International Study Centre provides the supportive environment and robust academic preparation for you to excel when both studying and working. Another student, Oishi from India, received the President and Vice Chancellor Student of the Year award for outstanding student achievements throughout 2017. Through her success at Leicester, Oishi completed an industrial placement year at Rolls Royce. After graduation, Oishi returned to the company to work in an engineering role.

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