An international student in the library at the University of Leicester campus

Education in the UK

An innovative learning environment 

The UK education system encourages independence, collaboration and discovery. You’ll work with leading academics, and gain more confidence in your own success.

Learn from the best

Many university professors and lecturers do their own research alongside teaching. By studying in the UK, you are ensuring you are at the forefront of modern discoveries. This research will directly impact your degree courses, with new discoveries helping to develop your curriculum. You will be well prepared for your future work in your chosen industry.

Tailor your degree to your interests

Some Universities give you the option to design a degree that is tailored to your interests and academic strengths. The University of Leicester provide flexible study options so you can tailor your undergraduate degree to your interests:

  • Study one subject: A Single Honours degree allows you to study a single subject in depth, which is great if you have a specific career direction in mind.
  • Study two subjects: Joint Honours degrees enable you to study two complementary subjects equally, broadening your skill-set. 
  • Tailor your degree: Major/Minor Honours degrees allow you create your own degree. You will study one subject in depth (your major - 75%) and also explore an additional area (your minor - 25%).

Excellent facilities

Universities in the UK receive funding to enhance their facilities. The University of Leicester is committed to improving its facilities and campus and has invested over £1 billion on infrastructure to bring students the most cutting-edge facilities. Students in the UK will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities such as great cafes, shops, libraries, interesting clubs, societies and support services.

Links to leading businesses

For many subjects, studying in the UK means you can gain practical experience outside of the classroom. The University of Leicester offers many degrees ‘with industry’, allowing you to deepen your understanding of your chosen subject. When it comes to boosting your employability, this opportunity can give you the edge – you can pick up specialist workplace skills, network with potential employers and get insights into your career options.

Career preparation

Career support services and development programmes are available at all universities. The University of Leicester’s Career Development Service is recognised for how well it prepares its students for the world of work - with 95% of students in employment or further study six months after graduation (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey 2017). Students can attend the Festival of Careers, one of the largest careers fairs in the UK, as well as workshops and talks from industry representatives. After graduation, you will continue to benefit from careers help with access to an influential alumni network.

Multicultural welcome

Students from all over the world choose to study in the UK, making it a multicultural educational atmosphere. Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in the UK, with over 25% of full-time, campus-based students coming from outside the EU, from more than 110 different countries. This creates a fantastic buzz that makes international students feel welcome.

Fulfilling student life

University is about more than just the academics. Student life is fulfilling, with a balance of academic, social and cultural activities. Students at Leicester have a high satisfaction rate thanks to the vibrant campus and active Students’ Union. Leicester is the UK's best value university town based on the cost of student essentials (UniDays 2017).

Life on campus

Tutor teaching in class

Our students

An international student graduates from the University of Leicester in the UK, after progressing from the International Study Centre
All the people that teach you are doing current research in the field that you're studying, so you're very connected to the contemporary world of management. You are encouraged to think like managers, so you become future leaders. I think Leicester is a great place for that, because you get first-hand experience. 

Manal from India

Studied International Foundation Year in Economics and Management

Graduated with BA Management Studies